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Frequently Asked Questions

This is a short list of our most frequently asked questions

How do I package my items?

You don' worry about Sarp Express will do for you. tAll items within your parcel should be wrapped separately. Sharp edges should be protected appropriately to prevent them from damaging your own or other parcels, non-solids must be properly sealed, fragile items should be cushioned and the whole parcel should be sealed securely with industry quality tape. Our packaging shop caters for all your parcel delivery needs and supplies only the highest quality packaging materials to ensure the safe transit of your package.

Do I need to box my parcel myself?

Yes, all parcels must be boxed and well packaged, this will reduce the risk of damage to any item sent during transit or any associated automated distribution process. If you are sending documents we suggest that these are sent in a rigid card envelope of A4 dimensions.
When you book your service at any of our locations we will provide free box and packaging material.

What labels do I need to attach to my parcel?

Our couriers’ partners require you to attach a barcode label to your parcel(s). These documents and others will be sent to your email address in a PDF file after payment. If you have booked a service for multiple parcels, you will receive barcode labels for each parcel.
If you have booked a service and the parcel will be collected from a different address to yours, you MUST forward the documents to the party at the collection address. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that the parcel is sent with the pre-printed barcode label issued by us. Otherwise, charges will be incurred.
For national deliveries, you will receive:
Your booking receipt (for you own records)
Courier barcode labels Address label

Where will my parcel be collected from?

Your parcel can be collected from your home or work address, or in fact any address that you provide us with at the time of your booking. Our door to door shipping and parcel delivery service offers you the ultimate flexibility.

Can I track my parcel in transit?

We offer online tracking so you can track your consignment at any point in time.

Can I request re-delivery to an alternative address?

You may contact our customer support team to request a re-delivery to new address. However, in some cases this is not possible. Please note that additional surcharges may be applied before the delivery request is completed. Change of address for re-delivery requires 24 hours’ notice to be arranged.

My parcel has been returned, why?

A parcel may be returned if found to have restricted or prohibited goods. A parcel may also be returned if it was sent without the appropriate documentation. In this case, you may be liable to pay a surcharge for the return journey as per the Terms & Conditions you agreed to when booking a collection. Please note, if the authorities or security find a prohibited item in your package, your shipment will be halted and you will be charged a fee by the handling agent or consolidator and the shipment will continue to be delayed until such charges have been paid in full. You will also incur an administration penalty.

When is Customer Support Open?

Phone lines are open weekdays 9am - 7pm
If you have any issues outside these times please email and we will respond to your query promptly.