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Ground Transport

As a part of the multi-modal network of Sarp express distribution services, SarpExpress provides cargo management services to companies who need cost-effective, point-to-point, bulk cargo transportation on the basis of Full Truck or Container Load and Half Truck Load. SarpExpress has a tie-up with various transport companies for transporting goods through parcel truck services every month in different lanes / segments. This is emerging as a strong alternative to road transportation as it provides safety to customer's shipments along with being cost-effective and highly reliable.

Our Sarp Express service has a dozen strong points for you to make the change from your existing service provider –

  • Point-to-point bulk transportation with customized route plan
  • Single window pan-India service
  • Reliable truck availability through vendor network
  • Double-driver for safer and faster deliveries
  • Fresh fleet with containerized trucks and one-time lock seal
  • Real-time vehicle tracking through control centers
  • 24×7 customer care
  • Zero transshipment, zero damage
  • Fixed pricing even during peak season
  • Maximize with 18% input tax credit
  • End-to-end supply chain solutions
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